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258.  Xiaoming Mao, Qian Chen, and Steve Granick, "Entropy Favors Open Colloidal Lattices," Nature Materials 12, 217 (2013). [pdf].  Highlighted Nature Materials 12, 179 (2013).

259.  Nobuhiro Yanai, Melinda Sindoro, Jing Yan, and Steve Granick, "Electric Field-Induced Assembly of Monodisperse Polyhedral Metal-Organic Framework Crystals," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 34 (2013). [pdf]

260.  Jing Yan, Kundan Chaudhary, Sung Chul Bae, Jennifer A. Lewis, and Steve Granick, "Colloidal Ribbons and Rings from Janus Magnetic Rods," Nature Communications 4, 1516 (2013) [pdf] [movies and supplementary information].

261.  Juan Guan, Bo Wang, Sung Chul Bae, and Steve Granick, "Modular Stitching to Image Single-Molecule DNA Transport," J. Am. Chem. Soc. 135, 6006 (2013). [pdf]

262.  Hirotaka Ejima, Nobuhiro Yanai, James P. Best, Melinda Sindoro, Steve Granick, and Frank Caruso, "Near Incompressible Faceted Polymer Microcapsules from Metal-Organic Framework Templates," Advanced Materials 25, 5767 (2013). [pdf]

263.  Kejia Chen, Bo Wang, Juan Guan, Steve Granick, "Diagnosing Heterogeneous Dynamics in Single Molecule/Particle Trajectories with Multiscale Wavelets," ACSNano 7, 8634 (2013). [pdf]  Highlighted: "Revealing Hidden Dynamics Within Living Soft Matter" [pdf].

264.  Melinda Sindoro, Ah-Young Jee, Steve Granick, "Shape-Selected Colloidal MOF Crystals for Aqueous Use," Chem. Comm., 49, 9576 (2013). [pdf]

265.  Changqian Yu, Juan Guan, Kejia Chen, Sung Chul Bae, Steve Granick, "Single-Molecule Observation of Long Jumps in Polymer Adsorption," ACSNano 7, 9735 (2013).  [pdf]

266.  Bo Wang, James Kuo, Steve Granick, "Bursts of Active Transport in Living Cells," Phys. Rev. Lett. 111, 208102 (2013). [pdf]

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