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The goal of this laboratory is to understand fundamental materials processes and to develop new ones. We specialize in the field of soft materials. The researchers in this group come from varied scientific disciplines, including chemistry, physics, materials science, and chemical engineering. This diversity of background and perspective helps to maintain a particularly stimulating environment. Students gain broad training in a variety of subjects and have many options of what to do after graduation.

Work is in progress in the following areas:

-- Phospholipid assemblies

-- Self-assembly of novel, specially-designed colloidal particles

-- Single-Molecule Imaging

-- Water; hydrophobicity

-- Living Cells

Some experiments aim to measure single-molecule behavior, others to measure the ensemble average. Much of this is done with unique instruments available nowhere else, especially a combination of spectroscopy, optical imaging and nanomechanics. This enables us to contribute to a broad agenda of research problems -- in areas from energy to biology.

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The Granick research group is an affiliated member of the Materials Research Laboratory,
the Beckman Institute, the Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology.