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105. S. Granick (volume editor), Polymers in Confined Environments, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 1999.

106. M. Ruths, H. Ohtani, M. Greenfield, and S. Granick, “Exploring the “Friction Modifier” Phenomenon: Nanorheology of n-Alkane Chains with Polar Terminus Dissolved in n-Alkane Solvent,” Tribology Lett. 6, 207 (1999). [PDF]

107. M. Ruths and S. Granick, “Tribology of Confined Fomblin-Z Perfluoropolyalkylethers: Role of Chain-End Functionality,” J. Phys. Chem. B. 41, 8711 (1999). [PDF]

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110. S. A. Sukhishvili and S. Granick, “Adsorption of Human Serum Albumin: Dependence on Molecular Architecture of the Oppositely-Charged Surface,” J.Chem. Phys. 110, 10153 (1999). [PDF]

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113. I. Soga, A. Dhinojwala, and S. Granick, “Direct Measurement of Fluid Mechanical Properties in Micro Space: Liquid Crystal Orientation under Shear,” Jpn. J. Appl.Phys. 38, 6118 (1999). [PDF]

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