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Melinda Sindoro

Graduate student in Chemistry Department

B.Sc. in Chemistry and Biological Chemistry from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


She is trying to understand how materials arrange themselves to their places and why they form various structures or patterns simply through the guidance of invisible forces.

Ten things to get acquainted with mel

  • Being the aquatic creature, she'll rarely say no for a chance to swim.
  • She loves to indulge. Her lawyer advised her to not disclose any further.
  • At one point in her life, she grew up with seven dogs, a cat, few chicks, ducklings (she can testify they're not ugly) and turtles.
  • She's a classically trained pianist but she would rather beat the drum.
  • Perhaps, she would be wiser had she read more Calvin and Hobbes.
  • She ascribes to the philosophy that life is about dying young as late as possible.
  • She's docile most of the time until her competitive streaks lurks out.
  • Her brain has a penchant for cramming in random trivia.
  • If this chemist stint doesn't work out, she'd most probably be a magician... or join a circus... or both.
  • Not all things listed above is true.

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